2002-2005 BMW 745Li Passenger Right Side Mirror Glass
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Part Specifications:

Fits Years: 2002 2003 2004 2005 BMW 745Li Passenger Right Side Mirror Glass

Item Condition: New Mirror Glass with Adhesive Pads in Box

Side: Passenger  (Right)

Diagonal Measurement: 6 9/16"  (Measure from top left corner to bottom right corner of mirror glass only)

Flat or Convex: Convex (All passenger side mirror glasses are convex)

Heated : No

Details: Mirror glass only - without plastic backing plate




Attention: Some models may have several different mirror styles, and therefore a different mirror glass. Please make sure that you confirm the dimensions listed for this mirror glass match the dimensions of your existing factory mirror glass. Failure to do so can result in your receiving the incorrect mirror glass.



Replacement Mirror Glass Features:

  • Actual mirror glass is featured in the above photo to ensure accurate part ordering.
  • Please make sure that your mirror glass looks exactly like the mirror glass in the above photo.
  • This item is the mirror glass only - No backing plate is attached.
  • This mirror glass is the non heated version.
  • This mirror is real glass - not a low price plastic mirror.
  • This mirror glass is for a power or manual mirror - Unless noted differently above.
  • Meets OEM specifications - Quality and fit are guaranteed.
  • Mirror glass is new in the box with easy to follow installation instructions included.  Installs in just minutes!
  • Installation with the included adhesive pads ensures a permanent bond to the backing plate.
  • Mirror glass removal tool is also available on this website.
  • Our solution is cost effective - Less expensive and quicker to install than an entire mirror assembly.
  • Glare-Reducing Mirror mirror glass allows headlight glare to pass through the mirror just like the factory mirror glass.
  • OEM Appearance - Passenger side convex mirror glasses have "Objects Are Closer Then Appear..." insignia like the factory mirror glass.



Installation Instructions:


Please make sure to test fit the mirror glass before starting to make sure you have the correct part.

1. Remove all existing mirror glass from the mirror assembly plastic backing plate.

2. Clean the backing plate with rubbing alcohol and clean the back of the new mirror glass with glass cleaner.

3. Apply adhesive pads or clear silicone to the back of the new mirror glass or the plastic backing plate.

4. Align and firmly press the replacement mirror glass to the backing plate.

5. Clean the new mirror glass with glass cleaner and you are ready to go!

  • Item #: PSA3573B5115C1258
  • Condition: New

2002-2005 BMW 745Li Passenger Right Side Mirror Glass

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